Dewey and the Punctuation cats


This sweet little boy Dewey developed a sore looking red spot on the back side of one of his ears. I took a photo of it and sent it to Carly,my contact at the shelter. Then I took him in so they could take a sample of it and see what turned out. We are not sure what it was but when someone from the vet school saw the photo they instructed them to give everyone a sulfur dip bath and that Dewey needed to be separated from the rest of the cats until they knew what was going on for sure. Of course every ones guess is that it is ring worm fungus. I still hold out hope that it is not, but I am probably wrong. I feel really bad. Did I miss something when I was cleaning and sterilizing the foster room? Did I bring it in on something. None of the other cats show any sign of it so it is really strange.

So Dewey could not stay with us. We have no other space to keep a sick kitten or one that might have ring worm. I was so worried that he would end up in quarantine and I would not be able to visit him. He would be taken care of by the staff at the humane society but would need to be kept separate so that no other cats would be infected. I was so sad that this sweet boy who liked to fall asleep in my arms and who loved to play would be alone. Most fosters don’t want to take ring worm kittens or cats because it can be hard to get rid of and you have to do a LOT of laundry and cleaning.

But….. Guess what! Carly called just the right foster and they said that yes they would take him. So now even though he is not with his siblings he is in a loving home where he is the only kitten and I think he is probably a very happy little guy. I would like to say a big thank you to Carly and to the new fosters!

Dewey in carrier on way home from Shelter check.

I think that after the rest of the family got home and took long naps and baths to get the sulfur smell off of themselves that Moma cat might have been looking for Dewey. She went around sniffing them all and licking their heads and then she got up in the window sill and seemed really sad. She did not eat for a long time and she has been doing the sniffing thing all day today also. She did start eating again so I think she will be fine. It just made me realize what a shock it must be for a Moma cat to suddenly be separated from all of her kittens at once. I never thought about it before because the other fosters always showed up with out a mom. Dottie is such a sweet cat. I hope she will not have long to think about it and get adopted into a great family of her own.


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