Jailed for fungal crimes against felines (as seen on my instagram)

Jailed for fungal crimes against felines (as seen on my instagram)

Dewey is not really enjoying his jail sentence but he does get out several times a day for loves.

Did you know that many kittens and cats are euthanized for simply getting ringworm fungus? Do you know why? Because there are not enough community members fostering and there are too many people not spaying or neutering their cats. Shelters have to isolate and medicate these littles, often times kittens so young they need to be bottle fed also. Shelters can only do so much and they have to take the health and welfare of all the pets they are caring for. If you have ever thought of donating time or money to your local shelter do it. Most shelters will have a list of items they need such as food, litter, cleaning supplies. If you have ever thought about fostering, do it. If you want, take only healthy young kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. Any little bit helps. It is rewarding and fun and you don’t need a large amount of space to do it. Every foster is a good foster. You could be a kitty super hero.

Tyke loves to play a lot and makes a mess of his cage. He never complains and is just doin his time.


NOTE. The shelter in Pullman does not euthanize. They take in strays and do everything they can to find homes for every animal that comes to them. Our shelter does not receive tax money. They run on grants and donations and fund raisers. Sometimes the people that work there even use there own minimum wage job money to buy what they need. Please consider donating today,

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